BarCamp Hong Kong 2008, A Great Event Experience!

BarCamp Hong Kong 2008 Sep 6 was a great event for sure but it was a bad timing for me.  I reported 2days sick leave this week and still not fully recovered from flu.  Yesterday night (Sep 5) my nose was still running non-stop and I thought I couldn’t make it.  Therefore I am so glad that my nose loves BarCamp but I regret that I couldn’t make more friends cause I don’t want to pass on any virus.

Belle and Ben
The Opening

Hyperlocal Networking by Mickey Fong
Hyperlocal Networking by Mickey Fong

Comparing to last year BarCamp, my keyword for this year is “UPGRADED”.  We got a NICER VENUE with 5 conference rooms (Turner International), MORE DRINK OPTIONS (Latte, Expresso, Chinese Tea with nice coffee mug and “lovely ah sim – sorry forgot her name” to serve us, really thanks her for all the extra works during Saturday.  And of course the well-known Hong Kong bloggers’ friend Drinkazine Tea.), MORE GADGETS (T-Shirt & badge by Dookaz, Lanyard by Flying Tiger Web Design, Mobile Charm by Yahoo!) and MANY MORE! Thanks to all the sponsors, the “hardware” are gorgeous and talking about the “software”, the 6 sessions that I attended in Room 1 (I stayed in Room 1 cause I had to record the talks for MobileRadio) were also excellent.  You can have a glimpse of the talk “Creative Commons Hong Kong by Ben Cheng” in Facebook while more audio and video clips will be available in later on.

This year more people use Cantonese to conduct their presentation.  I am so glad to see it happens cause last year was English only, like people didn’t dare to speak their mother tongue but Hey! this is BarCamp Hong Kong and speaking Cantonese is normal.  This change would certainly help next year’s BarCamp promotion.  Another good thing is the organizers did remind everyone to help cleaning up the trash, I am sure that lovely ah sim will be very happy when she goes back to the office on Monday.

I’ve uploaded my photos to Flickr but I recommend everyone should take a look at the photos from Ryanne, her photos are ALWAYS SUPER NICE.  And once again I want to thanks all the sponors and organizers for making BarCamp Hong Kong happened, I’M LOVIN IT!

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An UnOfficial BarCamp FAQ

barcamp 香港 2008

An UnOfficial BarCamp FAQ

What is BarCamp?

Bar? A place for drinks; Camp? A place for people to mix together, meet each other and learn something new.  In fact the BarCamp tradition is to fix the presentation topic the night before BarCamp in a “Bar”, then people go into the “Camp” on the next day to meet new people and learn new stuff.  Putting the 2 places together = BarCamp (This is a “Daisy explanation”, you can ignore it.)

What can I do in BarCamp?

  • Watch, and be watched
  • Meet people and kill more trees (with your business cards)
  • Presentation or Observation (It is not a mandatory requirement for you to “speak and present” in the BarCamp)

I need to attend BarCamp from 9 to 5?

No, you can join after your Saturday half day work.

If I am not Tech Geek, can I join?

Daisy is a “low tech girl” but is still joining, cause I want to learn more.

Oh my English is just “so so”, the BarCamp is “Pearl Channel” right? I am afraid……

Hey I am Cantonese, come on!  And BarCamp encourage everyone to use their mother tongue to present (will find a translator for you) so no worry.

Honestly, I don’t know how to communicate with people and I am not prepared to, how can I join this event?

You can take photos and upload to Flickr Group “barcamphongkong2008“, use Twitter and add #barcamphk in your message to report anything about the event.  You can also upload new stuff to the BarCamp Facebook.

Oh the BarCamp seems gorgeous but I am just a student, is there any discount for the entry fee?

Hey the BarCamp is FREE FOR EVERYONE! So don’t think, register in Facebook or Wiki and JOIN NOW!

Is there a better FAQ?

Here you are from last year 😛 (still by me, hoho)

Lenovo Blogger Meeting

Talking about bloggers, some people may think that they are hard to deal with, some people may think that they have their own language and people outside of their circle won’t be able to talk to them.  But they are all wrong, bloggers are fun, lovely, willing to help and cheerful.  Therefore Lenovo invited we bloggers to their new IdeaPad Lite S9/S10 product launch event.  This was also the 1st time that a large scale computer hardware company started their conversation with bloggers in Hong Kong.  This is a good sign reflecting Hong Kong bloggers slowly develop their influence in the society as well as in media industry.  By the way I did plan to apply the olympic media pass but I do not have enough annual leave so I didn’t do it.


IdeaPad S9

During the event, Lenovo introduced their new product line IdeaPad S9, S10 and some other notebooks as well. I am not going to talk about the tech specs here cause I am not good at hardware, but I am impressed about their event arrangement.  An official product introduction followed by models catwalk show and lucky draw, not spending too much time but the presentation was effective.  And thanks to Lenovo, I got a S9 notebook from the lucky draw!!!!!  In fact I just get rid of my EeePC 701 recently and I need a replacement, this is just perfect for me.  I wish I can have a pink S9 and continue to be a pink blogger with my pink Sony T2 and pink iPhone porch.  The stylish S9 come with 5 colours and Lenovo is going to launch a special “Buy 2 get 3” promotion on August 20.  “$2.9k x 2 = 3 notebooks = 1 notebook/$1.9k” is very attractive indeed.  Really worth considering if you and your friends or family want to buy new notebooks.

I am trying to upload the models video to Youtube but it is taking too much time, still uploading >_< You may check out my YouTube channel later on.

Update: The upload finished!

My Flickr Set – Lenovo Blogger Meeting 20080815
BenLauPedia – 恭喜Sammy於Lenovo首次Blogger聚會上抽中大獎
Sammy dot HK – Lenovo Blogger 發佈會抽中了 IdeaPad S10
庫斯克的床 kursk’s bed – 唔收錢系列(7) Lenovo IdeaPad Lite
庫斯克的床 kursk’s bed – 唔收錢系列(7) – Lenovo IdeaPad Lite(續)
ClubEddy 步落癮 – Lenovo Blogger Meetup – S9/S10產品發佈
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在下【阮瑪莉】 – LENOVO HK Bloggers Event 收獲豐富
Lenovo Connections – Blogger meet-up in Hong Kong 联想与博友的聚会

Listening: – Lenovo S9 S10 Idea Pad 記者招待會錄音片段

Google Maps Blogger Meeting

The backdrop

Where are you?

Yes, I am writing about Google again and again as I am a Google Advocate.  On tonight (July 22) we bloggers gathered together in Lumiere IFC to join the “Google Maps Blogger Meeting“.  Google just launched their Google Maps Hong Kong version where people can search for their favourite restaurants, movie schedules, Wi-Fi hotspots, tourist attractions  and much much more in English or in Chinese (The search is bi-lingual, very strong indeed).  Google joined partnership with,, Hong Kong Education City, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Tourist Association and PCCW to create all these location coordinate and contents within the Google Maps environment.  As an individual  user you may share your favourite restaurant or car park location with your blog audience by creating your own map via the “My Maps” function and share it with the HTML code embedded or e-mail.  If you are a corporate user you can go to the “Local Business Center” to register your lcoation and let the business come to you.  Google said that the business location submission to Google Maps Hong Kong version will be available to the public within 15minutes if all the information provided by the online registration form is correct.  For developers, Google offers Maps API for them to play around with.  In case you have the time and effort you may create your own version of Google Maps website.

I find all these very interesting and can’t wait to test them on my new iPhone (I eventually can get it after the complaint) as Google Maps provides mobile interface I also met a lot of old and new friends from the events but there were too many people.  If I missed saying Hello to you let’s do it next time, or maybe one day, you can find my company/me in the Google Maps as well.

The photos were all done by my Genie III.  Isn’t it cool to have another look and feel of the event?

My Flickr Photo Set
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d. otted rhythm – Google maps launch party!
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在下【阮瑪莉】 – Google Maps香港發佈會
my notebook – 直擊Google Maps香港版發佈會
田三填四 – 吃喝玩樂,盡在港版 Google Map
奕日回憶錄 – Google Maps Blogger Meeting
鷹頭獅巢_Podsafe音樂特區 – Google Maps 香港版登場,Blogger聚會
網絡暴民 Jacky’s Blog – Google 地圖發佈會點滴
熱血生活小品 – Google map HK launch event
案內人隨筆 – 第一次Google活動
DrinkaZine Blog – Google Map 香港「登陸」了

iPhone Party V.S. 3 iPhone Unfairness – Why no one write about it

The Organizers - Macitizen, Beansbox, Palava Digital 3 Hong Kong

People are crazy about iPhone, everyone loves this gadget and is going nuts.  We had a iPhone Party on yesterday (July 17, 2008) with presentations from the developers, content providers as well as 3 Hong Kong (My photo set is in here).  I also want to enjoy all these but how the hell I can get an 3G iPhone?

I am an existing 3 Skypephone user, help 3 to promote Skypephone by installing their Facebook application and got featured in Next Magazine.  BUT SO WHAT?  I could never get an iPhone!  I still have half a year contract with 3 Hong Kong while 3 committed to 100% rebate the 3 Skypephone if I change to another 3G phone within the Skypephone contract period, and it should be the only reason why I couldn’t get an iPhone via the official channel – online registration.  In fact I queued up on July 1 and nearly all of my friends got called from 3 to pick up their phones but I have nothing, no call, no SMS.  Then on today, I call up their service center:

“I am no. xxxx-xxxx, got an iPhone online registration and the reference no. is XXXYYYZZZ, may I know when can I get my white iPhone?”

“Sorry Ms. Fung, we got no stock…….”

“When can I get it?”

“Sorry we don’t have it now……”

“But all my friends registered later than July 1 got it already!”


“And my other friend walked in the 3Shop yesterday also got it!  Don’t tell me that you have no white iPhone available”


“I want to speak to your manager, NOW!”

“Really very sorry, she is on the line.  May I take your request and have her to call you back within 3days.”


New user acquisition is important so loyalty can be trashed?  I just want to play by the rule and wait for the call but 3 didn’t appreciate it.  If 3 loves to give out all their stock to the walk-ins that’s fine, I’ll definitely switch to another service provider (with a better data plan) and get the iPhone from other countries.

There are tons of complaints in various Chinese discussion forum, talking about 3 Hong Kong badly treat the existing users.  I know that I am not the only one but I am still SUPER UNHAPPY!  3 Hong Kong spent $$$ on iPhone Party but they just don’t care about their potential, loyal users within the party, sucks isn’t it?

Wikimedia Hong Kong First Anniversary Conference

From Wikimedia Hong Kong First Anniversary Conference

Almost one year ago, on 14 July 2007, Wikimedia Hong Kong was established as the local chapter of Wikimedia. In this year we have almost finished the relevant registration procedure. In March 2008, Wikimedia Hong Kong was officially recognized as a Wikimedia Chapter by The Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation.

The Provisional Directory will launch several activities during the first anniversary of WMHK’s establishment, to promote and advocate Wikimedia and her web 2.0 endeavors. This year we would to focus on topics about Web 2.0 and education.

Charles presentation was nice but I missed part of it cause I were late.  Anyhow I managed to take some photos.  See the kawaii Wikipe-tan cosplayer, she wore blue contact lens to imitate the character 100%.  SUPER CUTE!

Charles and Wikipe-tan

Panel: How to promote Wikimedia and her web 2.0 endeavors in education sector?

My Flickr Set: Wikimedia Hong Kong First Anniversary Conference 20080712
Facebook Event