Creative Commons Workshop and Blog to Blook

Today (November 24) was a very busy day for me. I attended two blogging related activities – “Creative Commons Workshop” and “MySinaBlog From Blog to Blook – Bloggers’ writer sharing session“. The CC Workshop started at 9:30am which was pretty early for me cause I used to sleep till 11am over the weekend. Gosh! I woke up at 7am and got into the bus at 8:10am, I did it, Yatta! (P.S. I am a hardcore NBC Heroes fan, my “Addicted to Heroes” Facebook Trivia Rank 728 out of 253793). And I did manage to go to McDonald’s for a full breakfast, the calories really helped me to stay focus throughout the day (but I am gaining a lot of fat too -_-)

The CC Workshop was hosted by Mr. Chong Chan Yau and of course our biggest pusher of CC in Hong Kong – Ms. Rebecca MacKinnon also participated. Rebecca kicked off her presentation by showing the Youtube video “Wanna Work Together?” and shared a lot of CC related websites with us. Mr. Edmon Chung applied part of the Joi Ito CC presentation and made the whole thing more interesting. Mr. Jack Qiu said that he was full of confident and he didn’t need a powerpoint file to support his presentation. The songs he shared from the China website “dashengchang” were of good quality and they were recorded by workers in Beijing under the CC license. This is so cool and why we don’t have this sort of thing in Hong Kong? And the last person to present was a very nice young man Mr. Ben Cheng, he showed the practical skill of how to apply a CC license into blog, plain text and in XML format to Adobe products.

Although I call myself a “self learner” as I love to learn stuff via reading, it’s always good to have someone to explain all the complicated logic to me because I were confused by those “Circle” and “Equal or not Equal to” combination (Here is referring to all the CC symbols). To be honest I never apply any CC license to my Chinese blog because I don’t understand how it works at all. Thanks to Rebecca, Edmon, Jack and Ben, I am confident in using CC now. I wish that they could conduct the workshop again in Chinese and let more people to push it forward.

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Mr. Ben Cheng Presentation

Then in the afternoon it was the “From Blog to Blook – Bloggers’ writer sharing session” hosted by a Hong Kong blog service provider “MySinaBlog“. Our Hong Kong famous blogger “Sidekick” was MC of the event. Dr. Singsit, Middie, monkeybe and PoonWingHang were the guest speakers. Middle was the first one to be “head-hunted” by the publisher and compiled his blog articles into a blook. He said that he would rather write his own blog than publishing a 2nd book again because he was being told to write long stories, while his strength is really in writing short love stories.

Dr. Singsit is a real-life medical doctor and will publish his 2nd blook soon, he got so many fans now and all go to his clinic when they are sick. Sidekick also goes there when she is not feeling well (Sidekick no Sidesick, touch wood!). In fact Singsit did a lot of volunteer works, including seminar to high school students (explains to them what is blog), out patient services to elderly as well as TV show and podcast (talk about diseases and how to prevent/cure them). monkeybe published 2 blook already and more to come, he enjoys blogging a wide range of subjects from his 2 lovely dogs to his funny crazy boss, a very intelligent LEO guy (Sidekick suddenly asked monkeybe for his horoscope sign and it would only happen if the MC is a girl, I think).

In terms of collective efforts, MySinaBlog did publish 2 blook by compiling articles from their users. PoonWingHang was the project manager (He is also a famous blogger and he went to the 3rd CNBloggerCon) and he shared his thoughts of how to make the blook to be more attractive (since those are not new contents but articles published in the users’ blog already). While the most lovely and heart-warmed part was, “Gor Gor Che Che” (We won’t call them senior citizens but brother and sisters in Cantonese) from the “Cyber Senior Network” joined the event too. All of them have blogs and they did buy blooks and recommended them to friends, so nice!

And to finish off this blog post, I have to thanks Felix (Hong Kong Podcaster) for buying me afternoon tea, the egg tart and milk tea were so yummy~~~~~ A perfect ending ^_^


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