My New Toy – Asus Eee PC Pink


Yesterday night I brought a new toy – Eee PC Surf 4GB Pink version. Yes, I am an old lady who loves cute stuff, so what? I am even willing to forfeit the webcam in order to stick with the Hello Kitty style pinkish color (as the regular Black/White Eee PC got webcam but the “colored version” has everything except a cam). I plan to put some mobile phone shinny sticker onto the machine as well……maybe in the shape of Cinnamonroll 🙂

Although many Eee PC users install Windows XP instead of using the Eee PC pre-installed Unix system, I don’t feel like doing this because the linux interface is quite easy to understand and straight forward. The only problem to solve is the QCode Input Method for Chinese that I have been using for 10years, the company who develops it does not provide linux version. Which means I have to find people to do some tricks or try out other alternatives.

I enjoy learning “new stuff” via new gadget. If not because of Eee PC, I would never install linux and play around with it all by myself. And this new piece of toy to me is just like a new boyfriend, his strength and weakness is yet to be found out, but I am devoted to the honeymoon.



  1. dashofpanache · December 6, 2007

    That’s pretty cool. My dad picked up the white version and he loves it, even though we have plenty of other desktops and stuff around the house. Good luck!

  2. Jonathan · December 9, 2007

    話!! 好耐無見你寫下 d IT 野喇, 你又買左 EeePC 呀? 突然覺得親切番晒!! 粉紅色好鬼”巧”姐!!! hahahaha!!! 我都好鍾意呀!!!

  3. chiewata · December 9, 2007

    hmmm….pink eeePC…with just a dashed of colours had made such a nerdy stuff so feminine….wonder wether Sony will feel the pinch or not…


  4. daisy · December 9, 2007

    To dashofpanache:

    I am still fighting with the Chinese Input Method thing……wish me luck man!

    To Jonathan:

    To Chiewata:

  5. chiewata · December 10, 2007

    hmmm….不如買埋部Sony Album-T粉紅相機親晒一set…甘就正啦。

  6. daisy · December 10, 2007


  7. chiewata · December 10, 2007

    hehehe…以一個prefectionist型銷費者心態去猜測蔗。。。今日傍晚去左sony style個showroom道搞搞震冇幫親時啦個部粉紅Album-T搞左一輪。。。。值得買。。。Sony仲底死到有埋同色geh Album-T pouch買。。。襯晒。

    Album-T原來仲有個limited edition package系launching時賣架成set有埋隻手錶同好多accessories架。。。。上兩個星期仲見有得賣。。。

  8. Jacob · February 26, 2008

    Its a kool gadget!
    For more details, please visit

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