My Asus Eee PC Extra Spending

After I got my Eee PC, money keeps flying.

Here we go:

1. 2GB Ram Upgrade = $600
Don’t ask me why it was so expensive or what, I am not hardware girl and can’t do this, so even it is expensive, I have to chew with it.

2. 8GB Transcend SDHC Class 6 card = $478
For your reference 4GB is $258

3. Screen Protector with perfect installation = $180
Well, the money for screen protector was really worth to pay as the shopkeeper opened 2 new screen protector and worked on it for 20 minutes or more. It was because the 1st screen protector got some defect therefore he opened a 2nd one and carefully installed it for me, without any extra charges.

I also checked out the mobile phone protector shop, if I have to wrap a Eee PC in plastic (which is for the cover only, battery and other parts are not included) the cost is HK$358. This is far too expensive and I really don’t want to pay for it. If anyone just have a better suggestion, please let me know.

I am basically broke now but this kind of shopping behaviors remind me of the good old days when I were in Palmpilot User Group. Each time when I brought a new Palm, I needed to purchase screen protector, leather case and stylus……my money was all gone because of these gadgets. And that’s why I am very poor now, bad 😦


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