HKPUG 10 Anniversary & EeePC Gathering

Yesterday I went to the “HKPUG 10 Anniversary & EeePC Gathering” organized by Hong Kong PDA User Group. It was such a long time ago that I were in the executive committee……and time passes by……

Just the same as any other organization, HKPUG got it’s high and low tides while there are so many political/human issues going on. I am not doing any “secret reveal” here and I were not feeling “the heat” when people told me this and that. Maybe I am too old or not being passionate as all……

Anyway, I do enjoy playing EeePC together with a bunch of friends, such as Sidekick and Ben Lee. The FON router signal in Wan Chai is very strong, I could check GMail and Bloglines as usual while the EeePC presenter were not able to get a signal on his “whatever wi-fi”. FON just added 300+ hotspots, in fact everyone should get a FON because 3G and HSPDA are still expensive nowadays. Don’t ask me if the presentation is good or not, cause I neither want to tell a lie nor the truth. No comment is always good comment.

I took some photos.

Answer Questions and Get a PrizeThe Demo is OnBlack and White EeePCEeePC PresentationEeePC PresentationEeePC PresentationEeePC PresentationEeePC On Windows XPEeePC On Windows XPLazyEeePC Pack InstallationFunP with Twitter (Opps, secret reveal)Konami (Game) on EeePCShow Your Gadgets and Take a PhotoShow Your Gadgets and Take a PhotoLucky DrawLucky DrawQ & A againQ & A againQ & A againQ & A again
As EeePC is getting more popular in Hong Kong, I have a feeling that if the 3.5G iPhone won’t come in Hong Kong quicker, there must be more people to buy EeePC, cause I am one of them. Well, maybe I am to naive to make such a conclusion 😛 Anyway, EeePC is good as my desktop computer just died while my Dell computer is still on the way to be delivered. I am using EeePC for my everything now and it fulfills 90% of my daily tasks except typing Chinese. I love my EeePC and it is one of my best investment in 2007.

One comment

  1. Preetam Rai · February 22, 2008

    As a owner of both EEEPC and and Iphone, I would recommend Iphone or ipod touch for casual web browsing. The trouble with the EEEPC is the amount of screen space taken up by the top menu in most software. The software is not yet designed for the small screen. The other problem is the small trackpad, its not so comfortable to use.

    If you are looking at EEEPC, then get yourself one of those small mice and turn off as many options as possible from the top menu.

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