“YouTube Loves Hong Kong” Video Competition Party

Being invited by Google YouTube, I went to their “YouTube Loves Hong Kong” video competition party on the evening of March 29, the venue was in Hong Kong Park L16 restaurant. In fact the whole restaurant was being “Youtubeize” therefore it was not difficult to find the location.


Purpose of the party was to gather all the winners of the competition, let them to meet nose to nose and have some fun. Famous DJ Sammy was the MC and all the performer were YouTuber. aniDa, an indie singer songwriter who wrote and sang her song《積木城》(Brick City), her performance and her voice was pretty impressive to me cause she was professional and just like the “before commercialized” AT17. A-Day was another performer who also uses YouTube to promote their music. The most exciting performing group was 《繩武者》Martial Skippers, they played around with the ropes just like monkeys. You can have a look at their YouTube channel.


Other than entertainment, YouTube also invited famous music composer Mr. Peter Kam Pui Tat (won the Silver Bear award for Best Film Music at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival) and film editor Mr. Stanley Tam to host workshops for YouTuber. I am sure that they enjoyed a lot cause many of them asked good and valid questions.

Event photos and videos have been updated to my YouTube Channel and Flickr, you can also check out my Chinese blog post in here.


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