CC & TechMatrix: Protect yourself on the Internet

Friday night 7:00pm March 23, should be drinking and dating but I attended a seminar regarding IT security, “Applying Knowledge in System Audit & Governance to Information System Value & Security”. Being invited by Dr Samson Tam on the behalf of his newly established “TechMatrix Research Center”, the seminar was not boring at all. From a layman blogger’s point of view this seminar clearly outlined the importance of data security and introduced various industry standards for organizations as well as an individual to achieve system audit and security, I myself found it very informative and interesting. TechMatrix is going to host the “IT & Hong Kong Discussion Series” in June & July and talks about various IT related subjects so please play attention to their Facebook group if you really want to know what is happening within the Hong Kong IT industry.

Another great event is coming up on June 6. If you are a layman blogger like me with concerns regarding internet copyright and licensing, you should also attend the “Bloggers + Creative Commons” event by InMedia. This is a perfect chance to ask those Creative Commons preparation committee “What the hell is going on with Hong Kong CC?” with Cantonese before they officially go into their long lasting and never ending law enforcement procedure. Show your concern to the subject before it’s getting to late e.g. Your blog article appears in AppleDaily without getting your permission. In fact, every blogger in Hong Kong should pay attention to CC, SERIOUSLY!

Hope to see you on June 6 and I’ll buy you drinks if you leave message here 🙂



  1. Steven Mak · May 29, 2008

    Free drinks for leaving messages here? 😛

  2. daisy · June 3, 2008

    Yes! Meet you by then!

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