Firefox 3 Kick-off Party – Hong Kong

Firefox Cake!

June 28 was the Firefox 3 Kick-off Party, I helped out as an receptionist. The party was fun and you can find out more details in blog posts from others cause I was working and was not able to report the full details of it. However I still managed to take some pictures, you can view them from my Flickr photo set. FON was so generous to offer food, one day free WIFI pass, octopus card pouch for each participants and lucky draw items as well. Everybody was having a great time! If you want to learn more about Firefox in Hong Kong, please join the “Firefox Hong Kong” Google Group and hope to see you all in the Firefox 4 Kick-off Party.

My Flickr Photo Set
My road to Firefox (My Chinese blog post) 我的Firefox之路
Blog and Photo Coverage of the Firefox 3 Kick-off Party
Firefox 3 Kick-off Party Wiki


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