iPhone Party V.S. 3 iPhone Unfairness – Why no one write about it

The Organizers - Macitizen, Beansbox, Palava Digital 3 Hong Kong

People are crazy about iPhone, everyone loves this gadget and is going nuts.  We had a iPhone Party on yesterday (July 17, 2008) with presentations from the developers, content providers as well as 3 Hong Kong (My photo set is in here).  I also want to enjoy all these but how the hell I can get an 3G iPhone?

I am an existing 3 Skypephone user, help 3 to promote Skypephone by installing their Facebook application and got featured in Next Magazine.  BUT SO WHAT?  I could never get an iPhone!  I still have half a year contract with 3 Hong Kong while 3 committed to 100% rebate the 3 Skypephone if I change to another 3G phone within the Skypephone contract period, and it should be the only reason why I couldn’t get an iPhone via the official channel – online registration.  In fact I queued up on July 1 and nearly all of my friends got called from 3 to pick up their phones but I have nothing, no call, no SMS.  Then on today, I call up their service center:

“I am no. xxxx-xxxx, got an iPhone online registration and the reference no. is XXXYYYZZZ, may I know when can I get my white iPhone?”

“Sorry Ms. Fung, we got no stock…….”

“When can I get it?”

“Sorry we don’t have it now……”

“But all my friends registered later than July 1 got it already!”


“And my other friend walked in the 3Shop yesterday also got it!  Don’t tell me that you have no white iPhone available”


“I want to speak to your manager, NOW!”

“Really very sorry, she is on the line.  May I take your request and have her to call you back within 3days.”


New user acquisition is important so loyalty can be trashed?  I just want to play by the rule and wait for the call but 3 didn’t appreciate it.  If 3 loves to give out all their stock to the walk-ins that’s fine, I’ll definitely switch to another service provider (with a better data plan) and get the iPhone from other countries.

There are tons of complaints in various Chinese discussion forum, talking about 3 Hong Kong badly treat the existing users.  I know that I am not the only one but I am still SUPER UNHAPPY!  3 Hong Kong spent $$$ on iPhone Party but they just don’t care about their potential, loyal users within the party, sucks isn’t it?



  1. whoever · July 21, 2008

    just walk in any 3 shop
    when asked whether you have registered, say yes
    when asked whether you have received a call from 3, say yes (yes, you lie)

  2. daisy · July 21, 2008

    I am a good girl and I don’t want to lie

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