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Google Maps Blogger Meeting

Posted on: July 23, 2008

The backdrop

Where are you?

Yes, I am writing about Google again and again as I am a Google Advocate.  On tonight (July 22) we bloggers gathered together in Lumiere IFC to join the “Google Maps Blogger Meeting“.  Google just launched their Google Maps Hong Kong version where people can search for their favourite restaurants, movie schedules, Wi-Fi hotspots, tourist attractions  and much much more in English or in Chinese (The search is bi-lingual, very strong indeed).  Google joined partnership with,, Hong Kong Education City, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Tourist Association and PCCW to create all these location coordinate and contents within the Google Maps environment.  As an individual  user you may share your favourite restaurant or car park location with your blog audience by creating your own map via the “My Maps” function and share it with the HTML code embedded or e-mail.  If you are a corporate user you can go to the “Local Business Center” to register your lcoation and let the business come to you.  Google said that the business location submission to Google Maps Hong Kong version will be available to the public within 15minutes if all the information provided by the online registration form is correct.  For developers, Google offers Maps API for them to play around with.  In case you have the time and effort you may create your own version of Google Maps website.

I find all these very interesting and can’t wait to test them on my new iPhone (I eventually can get it after the complaint) as Google Maps provides mobile interface I also met a lot of old and new friends from the events but there were too many people.  If I missed saying Hello to you let’s do it next time, or maybe one day, you can find my company/me in the Google Maps as well.

The photos were all done by my Genie III.  Isn’t it cool to have another look and feel of the event?

My Flickr Photo Set
BenLauPedia – Google Maps 正式登陸香港、Blogger聚會
d. otted rhythm – Google maps launch party!
天佑的自由天地 – Google Maps Blogger Meeting
Sammy dot HK – Google Map Blogger Meeting
Jan’s Tech Blog – A Photo and Video Story of Google Maps Party
在下【阮瑪莉】 – Google Maps香港發佈會
my notebook – 直擊Google Maps香港版發佈會
田三填四 – 吃喝玩樂,盡在港版 Google Map
奕日回憶錄 – Google Maps Blogger Meeting
鷹頭獅巢_Podsafe音樂特區 – Google Maps 香港版登場,Blogger聚會
網絡暴民 Jacky’s Blog – Google 地圖發佈會點滴
熱血生活小品 – Google map HK launch event
案內人隨筆 – 第一次Google活動
DrinkaZine Blog – Google Map 香港「登陸」了


14 Responses to "Google Maps Blogger Meeting"

nice to meet you tonite

Nice to meet you too, eventually 🙂

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原來尹兄有到, 沒打招呼實在太可惜啦!

Nice to meet u (^^
And it’s really hope to have chance to meet & chat with all geeks next.

Rossi your wife is really too young……2 kids……you are really kidding me……

Well, don’t be cheated by my wife’s out look…!

BTW, it’s my glad to have my “young” wife with me 😀

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Actually if you want to find out who near around your location in google maps, please go the It allow people to add their current location marker on the google maps for other searching!

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