An UnOfficial BarCamp FAQ

barcamp 香港 2008

An UnOfficial BarCamp FAQ

What is BarCamp?

Bar? A place for drinks; Camp? A place for people to mix together, meet each other and learn something new.  In fact the BarCamp tradition is to fix the presentation topic the night before BarCamp in a “Bar”, then people go into the “Camp” on the next day to meet new people and learn new stuff.  Putting the 2 places together = BarCamp (This is a “Daisy explanation”, you can ignore it.)

What can I do in BarCamp?

  • Watch, and be watched
  • Meet people and kill more trees (with your business cards)
  • Presentation or Observation (It is not a mandatory requirement for you to “speak and present” in the BarCamp)

I need to attend BarCamp from 9 to 5?

No, you can join after your Saturday half day work.

If I am not Tech Geek, can I join?

Daisy is a “low tech girl” but is still joining, cause I want to learn more.

Oh my English is just “so so”, the BarCamp is “Pearl Channel” right? I am afraid……

Hey I am Cantonese, come on!  And BarCamp encourage everyone to use their mother tongue to present (will find a translator for you) so no worry.

Honestly, I don’t know how to communicate with people and I am not prepared to, how can I join this event?

You can take photos and upload to Flickr Group “barcamphongkong2008“, use Twitter and add #barcamphk in your message to report anything about the event.  You can also upload new stuff to the BarCamp Facebook.

Oh the BarCamp seems gorgeous but I am just a student, is there any discount for the entry fee?

Hey the BarCamp is FREE FOR EVERYONE! So don’t think, register in Facebook or Wiki and JOIN NOW!

Is there a better FAQ?

Here you are from last year 😛 (still by me, hoho)


One comment

  1. 李學斌 · September 5, 2008

    我講 barcamp howto , 你一定要來做 panelist 至得!

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