My Top Ten Net Fads in 2008

These are “My Top Ten Net Fads in 2008″:

1. 劉林聯婚 (Mr. Lau and Ms. Lam are getting married)

The couple Mr. Lau and Ms. Lam married on Jan 5, 2008. They filmed a series of fun videos including imitation / cover version of the HKSAR Government 10th Anniversary theme song, Matrix, Spiderman and much more. Even for those who don’t know Cantonese, the videos are fun to watch.

2. 潮語卡 (Picture Cards of Trendy Expressions in Hong Kong Cantonese)

So Real Real, a primary school teacher who collected popular Cantonese new words (mostly from his students), refined with proper Chinese-English explanation, phonetic transcription, adding together with illustration of the 60’s and turn the whole thing into a pack of learning card. The cards were named《香港潮語學習字卡》(Picture Cards of Trendy Expressions in Hong Kong Cantonese) or simply 潮語卡. It was a big hit therefore MSN Hong Kong also offered 潮語表情符號 icon download for Windows Live Messenger.

Keywords: 潮語卡, 穌真真

3. 古惑仔Online / 義氣仔女Online (Mobs War)

If you are a Facebook user in Hong Kong, you should have been invited by your friends to join 古惑仔Online (renamed to 義氣仔女Online later on) for more than one time. In fact many people joined Facebook just because of this game. Imagine that you are a junior member of the triad society and you have to sell pirate CD or rob the bank to buy Sauna, Hotel, Casino and heading towards to become a Tycoon via mouse click. Office workers who obsessed to the game will monitor their progress on a hourly basis to collect virtual money from their properties, fight with other evil players and steal their money. 6waves, the company who developed this facebook application claimed that they earn five hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars per month in the interview of Next Magazine Issue 961.

Keywords: 古惑仔Online, 義氣仔女Online, 6waves

4. 活塞男之男人最痛 (Man’s penis stuck in park bench)

It was about the news in every Hong Kong as well as Overseas newspaper headline on Aug 8, 2008, the same day for the Opening of Olympus, a man inserted his penis in a metal park bench for his own style of exercise and became stuck. Luckily his “little brother” remains unharmed as the police and fireman rescued him by destroying the bench. A Hong Kong blogger Dr. SingSit wrote a blog post to explain why the penis got stuck while Kay Lam, a famous Hong Kong Youtuber utilized the information from SingSit and made this 活塞男之男人最痛 video to dig at this incident. The video was being circulated among discussion boards and forum in Hong Kong and there were people saying that this man should get married with the metal bench as husband and wife.

Keywords: 活塞男, 板男根, 卡窿一索

5. 創新戰隊 ( TechnoFrontier 2008 )

Adopting the concept of Japanese Rangers, RTHK made a TV series called TechnoFrontier 2008 to demonstrate latest Hong Kong techonology development to the general public. President of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Dr. Paul Ching-Wu Chu starred as cool “iron-face” Dr. Wu, protecting Hong Kong’s technology from the “Regression Monster” with his 5 color TechnoFrontier. To promote the program, the TechnoFrontier danced in busy locations such as Lan Kwai Fong and the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchi with their power rangers costume. Program Playback is available in RTHK website.

6. Legislative Council Election 2008

Thanks to the Legislative Council Election 2008, we got many fun videos to watch including:

IT達人Talk Series by Samson Tam, IT guy will only give birth to baby girl cause their sperm are being killed by the “computer radiation”?
(Unfortunately the video was being removed)

RapTalk by the supporter of Regina Yip, Reginababy, how “sweet”!

“Try our breast” by Gray Chan, sorry I don’t want to try your breast.

7. 黃大仙網上祈福 (Pray for blessing from Master Wong Tai Sin online)

Starting onwards from Dec 22, 2008, believers of Wong Tai Sin can login to Sik Sik Yuen website in Hong Kong and pray for blessing instead of visiting the temple. Simply fill in your name and your worship into the online application form, the information will be stored in the Wong Tai Sin Temple’s database and get printed out periodically. The master of ceremonies will help to perform a series of ritual and making sure that your wishes will be listened by Wong Tai Sin. This should be the 1st religious organization in Hong Kong to adopt information technology in a spiritual aspect.

Keyword: 黃大仙, 嗇色園

8. The origin of FuWa

Not sure who did it but the pictures are self explanatory. There were also “Fuwa fight” video on YouTube but they were all removed due to copyright claim by NBC Universal (Sports).

Keywords: 福娃的來源

9. Diesel’s SFW XXX Party Clip

Yes, internet loves porn and everyone enjoys this video. Brilliant ideas with perfect cover up, my mom also doesn’t that it’s porn indeed.

10. Plurk

Plurk is the coolest social networking application in 2008. Unlike Twitter, plurk allows playback of YouTube videos and picture display within the browser page. It certainly helps to wide-spread the Net Fads in 2008.


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