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Stepcase New Office Grand Opening

It was my honor to be invited by Leon Ho to the Stepcase Open House Party on January 3.

For those who doesn’t know who Leon is, please read my blog post “Vote Leon Ho for Asia’s Top Young Entrepreneur“. In fact BusinessWeek just released the results of the Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs competition yesterday and Leon is the Top 4. This is a very fruitful result among the 25 finalists and congratulations to Leon!

If you are interested in Stepcase‘s company development, you should join Stepcase fan via this facebook page. Leon said that he will accept any feedback and comments so please throw your wish list over there, Leon will continue to use his expertise to help you to become more productive as he always does in Lifehack.

I took a few snapshots of Stepcase office which is in Flickr now. Leon also took some great pictures which could be searched in Flickr too. And to Leon’s mom I am looking forward to meet you 1year later (I believe that Leon’s office should be expanding again by that time) cause I read your blog as well (Leon’s mom got many fans too), Cheers!

Vote Leon Ho for Asia’s Top Young Entrepreneur

Leon Ho is a very very nice young man with great vision, I did an informal interview with him in Cantonese.  If you want to hear them, please go to my VOX blog:

與Leon Ho的一席話

Leon Ho, founder of (, one of the top 50 blogs in the world ( and with million visits per month, and now of Stepcase (’s parent company) is featured in BusinessWeek’s list of the TOP 25 young entrepreneurs in Asia.

In earning this recognition, Leon stands alongside other Asian entrepreneurs in fields ranging from blog advertising to game development to web 2.0 services to social outsourcing to leadership training.

We recommend voting for Leon because:

(1) This election will inspire more young entrepreneurs in the region to turn their business ideas into real venture;

(2) The success of election will prove a showcase for other local web 2.0 venture entrepreneurs in the next election;

(3) Leon’s vision is to grow Stepcase with different solutions to solve many productivity issues and affecting the society in a positive way.

(4) Leon is a candidate from Hong Kong. The success of his election will also bring a good reputation to our city.

Check Leon’s profile:

Vote for Leon Ho (Stepcase):