Firefox 3 Kick-off Party – Hong Kong

Firefox Cake!

June 28 was the Firefox 3 Kick-off Party, I helped out as an receptionist. The party was fun and you can find out more details in blog posts from others cause I was working and was not able to report the full details of it. However I still managed to take some pictures, you can view them from my Flickr photo set. FON was so generous to offer food, one day free WIFI pass, octopus card pouch for each participants and lucky draw items as well. Everybody was having a great time! If you want to learn more about Firefox in Hong Kong, please join the “Firefox Hong Kong” Google Group and hope to see you all in the Firefox 4 Kick-off Party.

My Flickr Photo Set
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Creative Commons X Bloggers

Sorry that I were late on that day ( June 6, 2008 ) and raining was super heavy therefore I really can’t write any “informative stuff” about this event, however I took couple of photos and met some great people! For example Henry who is working for EditGrid now, I am surprised by his wealth of knowledge. And thank you CC for buying us the pizza so that we could have a great night of chatting and eating.

Charles MokOi Wan

Ben Cheng聽野�

CC & TechMatrix: Protect yourself on the Internet

Friday night 7:00pm March 23, should be drinking and dating but I attended a seminar regarding IT security, “Applying Knowledge in System Audit & Governance to Information System Value & Security”. Being invited by Dr Samson Tam on the behalf of his newly established “TechMatrix Research Center”, the seminar was not boring at all. From a layman blogger’s point of view this seminar clearly outlined the importance of data security and introduced various industry standards for organizations as well as an individual to achieve system audit and security, I myself found it very informative and interesting. TechMatrix is going to host the “IT & Hong Kong Discussion Series” in June & July and talks about various IT related subjects so please play attention to their Facebook group if you really want to know what is happening within the Hong Kong IT industry.

Another great event is coming up on June 6. If you are a layman blogger like me with concerns regarding internet copyright and licensing, you should also attend the “Bloggers + Creative Commons” event by InMedia. This is a perfect chance to ask those Creative Commons preparation committee “What the hell is going on with Hong Kong CC?” with Cantonese before they officially go into their long lasting and never ending law enforcement procedure. Show your concern to the subject before it’s getting to late e.g. Your blog article appears in AppleDaily without getting your permission. In fact, every blogger in Hong Kong should pay attention to CC, SERIOUSLY!

Hope to see you on June 6 and I’ll buy you drinks if you leave message here 🙂

Google X Art

It seems to me that my blog became one of the Google official blog……just kidding. In fact yesterday night ( May 7, 2008 ) I were being invited by Google again (thanks Cathy and Florence from The Hoffman Agency) to the “Google X Art” event, and I really appreciate that Google treat us “bloggers” as media. We got special treatment in terms of seat arrangement, media kits, souvenir, etc. According to my understanding Google is the only tech company in Hong Kong who treats bloggers seriously, and most importantly we were able to speak to people in Google face to face. Although Ms. Jing Zhang (Marketing Program Manager Asia Pacific) may not be the one who can answer all the questions that we have e.g. Google Analytics, I fight with it everyday and I need more help! It’s nice that my ideas were being heard. I also express my wish that Google should organize more blogger related activities e.g. Google AdSense user seminar and to promote Google Apps within the Hong Kong SME market. I myself invited/admin/spread the news to more than 50 domain owner that they could apply Google Apps since day 1 when Google still called it “GMail for Domain” and everyone is happy till now. I honestly want Google to step out more in the local market, not only because of my personal preference but their tools are really helping people a lot.

About the event itself, it was to promote iGoogle with the series of new theme that they have. Dom, Sidekick, ClubEddy and Drinkazine blogged some very nice articles and my album is in here. You may take a look at the YouTube video as well, the lightings and atmosphere were gorgeous. Thanks Google for such a wonderful night!

Last but not least, don’t forget to join our “香港Google達人協會” (I set it up right after the event) if you are Google super fans. We love Google, Namasate!

“YouTube Loves Hong Kong” Video Competition Party

Being invited by Google YouTube, I went to their “YouTube Loves Hong Kong” video competition party on the evening of March 29, the venue was in Hong Kong Park L16 restaurant. In fact the whole restaurant was being “Youtubeize” therefore it was not difficult to find the location.


Purpose of the party was to gather all the winners of the competition, let them to meet nose to nose and have some fun. Famous DJ Sammy was the MC and all the performer were YouTuber. aniDa, an indie singer songwriter who wrote and sang her song《積木城》(Brick City), her performance and her voice was pretty impressive to me cause she was professional and just like the “before commercialized” AT17. A-Day was another performer who also uses YouTube to promote their music. The most exciting performing group was 《繩武者》Martial Skippers, they played around with the ropes just like monkeys. You can have a look at their YouTube channel.


Other than entertainment, YouTube also invited famous music composer Mr. Peter Kam Pui Tat (won the Silver Bear award for Best Film Music at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival) and film editor Mr. Stanley Tam to host workshops for YouTuber. I am sure that they enjoyed a lot cause many of them asked good and valid questions.

Event photos and videos have been updated to my YouTube Channel and Flickr, you can also check out my Chinese blog post in here.