Lenovo Blogger Meeting

Talking about bloggers, some people may think that they are hard to deal with, some people may think that they have their own language and people outside of their circle won’t be able to talk to them.  But they are all wrong, bloggers are fun, lovely, willing to help and cheerful.  Therefore Lenovo invited we bloggers to their new IdeaPad Lite S9/S10 product launch event.  This was also the 1st time that a large scale computer hardware company started their conversation with bloggers in Hong Kong.  This is a good sign reflecting Hong Kong bloggers slowly develop their influence in the society as well as in media industry.  By the way I did plan to apply the olympic media pass but I do not have enough annual leave so I didn’t do it.


IdeaPad S9

During the event, Lenovo introduced their new product line IdeaPad S9, S10 and some other notebooks as well. I am not going to talk about the tech specs here cause I am not good at hardware, but I am impressed about their event arrangement.  An official product introduction followed by models catwalk show and lucky draw, not spending too much time but the presentation was effective.  And thanks to Lenovo, I got a S9 notebook from the lucky draw!!!!!  In fact I just get rid of my EeePC 701 recently and I need a replacement, this is just perfect for me.  I wish I can have a pink S9 and continue to be a pink blogger with my pink Sony T2 and pink iPhone porch.  The stylish S9 come with 5 colours and Lenovo is going to launch a special “Buy 2 get 3” promotion on August 20.  “$2.9k x 2 = 3 notebooks = 1 notebook/$1.9k” is very attractive indeed.  Really worth considering if you and your friends or family want to buy new notebooks.

I am trying to upload the models video to Youtube but it is taking too much time, still uploading >_< You may check out my YouTube channel later on.

Update: The upload finished!

My Flickr Set – Lenovo Blogger Meeting 20080815
BenLauPedia – 恭喜Sammy於Lenovo首次Blogger聚會上抽中大獎
Sammy dot HK – Lenovo Blogger 發佈會抽中了 IdeaPad S10
庫斯克的床 kursk’s bed – 唔收錢系列(7) Lenovo IdeaPad Lite
庫斯克的床 kursk’s bed – 唔收錢系列(7) – Lenovo IdeaPad Lite(續)
ClubEddy 步落癮 – Lenovo Blogger Meetup – S9/S10產品發佈
天佑的自由天地 – Lenovo Blogger Event
小鹿斑比 – Lenovo S9, S10 香港首個Blogger 發佈會
在下【阮瑪莉】 – LENOVO HK Bloggers Event 收獲豐富
Lenovo Connections – Blogger meet-up in Hong Kong 联想与博友的聚会

MobileRadio.hk – Lenovo S9 S10 Idea Pad 記者招待會錄音片段