Wikimedia Hong Kong First Anniversary Conference

From Wikimedia Hong Kong First Anniversary Conference

Almost one year ago, on 14 July 2007, Wikimedia Hong Kong was established as the local chapter of Wikimedia. In this year we have almost finished the relevant registration procedure. In March 2008, Wikimedia Hong Kong was officially recognized as a Wikimedia Chapter by The Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation.

The Provisional Directory will launch several activities during the first anniversary of WMHK’s establishment, to promote and advocate Wikimedia and her web 2.0 endeavors. This year we would to focus on topics about Web 2.0 and education.

Charles presentation was nice but I missed part of it cause I were late.  Anyhow I managed to take some photos.  See the kawaii Wikipe-tan cosplayer, she wore blue contact lens to imitate the character 100%.  SUPER CUTE!

Charles and Wikipe-tan

Panel: How to promote Wikimedia and her web 2.0 endeavors in education sector?

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